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About US

My name is Paimon Esfahani, I am an Orange County native born and raised. I am the proud owner of Phone Logistics in Orange, located inside the mall. I come from a IT background with extensive knowledge of all the technology utilized in our modern world. I take pride in taking care of my customers and making sure anyone that comes in with an issue is taken care of, leaving our place with a smile on there face. We are number one on Yelp, with a slew of reviews from all of our happy customers.

These days a lot of people rely on there devices to run there life, there business, or just to stay in touch with family. Knowing that, we always repair phones in a timely manner with quality screens and affordable pricing to ensure you are back on the road again with the world.

Come stop by anytime for a free diagnostic, and checkout our accessories as well. We are here to take care of you and all your needs. See you guys soon!

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