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  • How long do repairs usually take?
    Our repairs are quick with quality parts to ensure you are back on track.
  • Do you buy used tablets or phones?
    Yes! You can bring in your device and we will give you a free evaluation to determine the best price. Keep in mind, model, carrier, condition, and whether the device is paid off or not all are taken into account.
  • Can you help with water damaged devices?
    Yes! We offer a free Water Damage Diagnostic to determine the severity of the damage. Remember to bring it in soon so as to prevent corrosion and rust from forming.
  • How much do repairs cost?
    Repair costs are based on three main factors: type of device, model, and the type of damage that the device has. Each device varies in price permanent to these factors. We offer a free diagnostic and quote don't hesitate to reach out!
  • Do you sell cases or phone accessories?
    Yes, we have cases and screen protectors available along with many more items to accessorize your device.
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